Radio modem 455U


Radio modem
380 - 520 MHz | 455U-D

Interconnect serial or Ethernet devices by industrial radio modems.
900 MHz,2.4GHz, 869 MHz, 450MHz and 220 MHz for license-free and licensed applications.

- Uses Global 2.4GHz ISM band. 
- 10/100 BaseT Ethernet plus RS232/RS485 serial ports. 
- 802.11b compliant 2.4GHz DSSS, 100mW and 300mW, wireless data up to 11 Mbits/sec. 
- Typical line-of-sight distance 5 miles North America (4W ERP); 1km elsewhere (100mW ERP) 
- Configurable as Access Point / Client; Bridge / Router / WDS mesh-network repeater. 
- Automatic changeover to another Access Point if the wireless link fails, self-healing mesh network. 
- Military-grade AES security encryption of wireless data,WPA2 security. 
- Firewall protection and efficient wireless management. 
- Modbus Master capability for both Modbus TCP and serial Modbus RTU. 
- Message filtering at MAC & IP address level. 
- 802.11 WDS mesh networking. 
- Configuration and diagnostics via web-browser. 
- Remote configuration and diagnostics via the wireless link.


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