Energy calculation
MULTICAL® 402 calculates energy based on the formula in 
EN 1434-1:2004, in which the international temperature scale from 
1990 (ITS-90) and the pressure definition of 16 bar is used.
The energy calculation can in a simplified way be expressed as: 
Energy = V x ∆Θ x k.  
V  is the supplied water volume
∆Θ is the temperature difference measured 
k is the thermal coefficient of water 
The calculator always calculates energy in [Wh], and then it is converted into the selected measuring unit.
Application types
MULTICAL® 402 operates with four different energy formulas, E1...E9, that are all calculated in 
parallel in connection with each integration no matter how the meter is configured.
The four energy types are calculated as follows:
E1=V1(T1-T2)k Heat energy (V1 in flow or return)
E3=V1(T2-T1)k Cooling energy (V1 in flow or return)
E8=m³xT1 (Flow pipe)
E9=m³xT2 (Return pipe)
This renders MULTICAL® 402 capable of calculating the heat and cooling energy of most applications, both closed and open systems.
All energy types are data logged and can be displayed in-dependent of configuration.
Flow measurement
MULTICAL® 402 calculates current water flow every 12 seconds or every 
4 seconds depending on configuration.
Power measurement
MULTICAL® 402 calculates current power on the basis of current water 
flow and the temperature difference measured in connection with the 
latest integration.
Current power is updated in the display every 24 seconds or every 4 
seconds depending on configuration.
Data loggers
MULTICAL® 402 contains a permanent memory (EEPROM), where the results of a number of various data 
loggers are stored. 
The meter contains the following data loggers:
Voltage supply
MULTICAL® 402 is available with 2 x AA battery supply (up to a lifetime of 6 years), D-cell battery (up to 
a lifetime of 16 years incl. Wireless M-Bus), 230 VAC mains module or  24 VAC mains module. The supply modules are exchangeable without breaking the verification seal.
Plug-in modules
Plug-in modules can be added to MULTICAL® 402 such as
Wireless M-Bus
In this way the meter can adapt to various applications and data reading methods.
Programming and verification
METERTOOL for MULTICAL® 402 is a Windows® -based software which includes all facilities for calculator programming. If the software is used together with VERIFICATION EQUIPMENT for MULTICAL® 402, 
the calculator can be tested and verified.



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