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Rated voltage/Frequency: 230V AC, 50Hz/110V AC, 60Hz
Max. Current: 10A
Starting pressure: 1.5-3bar
Max. Working pressure: 10bar
Max. Working temperature: 60° C IP65
The automatic controller for water pump is an intelligent pump control device installed on the pipeline. It can start and stop the pump according to the varied data such as water resource condition and pipeline pressure it detected. It can completely replace the traditional system constructed by pressure tank, pressure switch, water shortage protection devices, check valve and four-way valves. The particular patented check valve device can prevent the possible surging in the system. Pressure gauge shows system pressure variation and its inlet and outlet are assembled in 90° Right angle. The starting flow is 80-160L/h and can satisfy any need for home and garden sprinkling irrigation application.Induction Switch


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